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Assessing of the Challenges of Biomedicine Sociology Essay

  • Submitted by: Shaala
  • on October 22, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Biomedicine has being in existence since the end of the eighteenth century (Nettleton,1995). It is the major model used by health practitioners to detect diseases (Nettleton, 1995).This biomedical model of health have centred on how the human body functions and how diseases can be stopped, or healed through medical intervention(Taylor and field, 2007). This model continues to be the bedrock in which foundation of health care system is based in the western societies, but there has being a lot of queries concerning its influence on the general pattern of health, since majority of health determinant are social and environmental. Arkinson (1988 p.180)claimed that the biomedical model, which as taken over the formal health care system in the West since the last two decades view health along the reductionist approach. In this approach, illness is said to be caused by injury or infections and there is neglect of the psychological, socio-economical and environmental influences (Taylor and field 2007).

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Stryer and Clancy (2005) reported that in Britain it was estimated that around 10% of people hospitalised undergo some kind of iatrogenisis, which is equivalent to roughly 850000 occurrences per year. Health is said to be highly medicalised in this model which led to a general view of human beings (Illich, 1990). Oakley (1984) and Donnison (1977) reported this fact about medical jurisdiction by citing an example of childbirth. They accepted that this was taken away from women by the institute of medicine by ensuring that by the 1970s all child delivery took place in the hospital (Tew, 1990).This action made pregnant women to be...

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