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Assassins Creed Essay

  • Submitted by: ahartley1997
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: English
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Title:   Assassin's Creed : The Secret Crusade
Author: Oliver Bowden
Text Type: Novel
Personal Response:

I really liked this novel because I am very interested in history and the ruthlessness of olden day leaders. The main character of this novel is Altair Ibn La-Ahad a master assassin who gets too cocky for his own good and gets one of his trainee assassins killed. He gets demoted to rookie assassin. 24 years of training wasted. But he gets a shot at redemption. His task is to kill nine infamous leaders in and around the Holy Land. One reason I liked this book was the way they show the emotion and betrayal of Altair. His own master betrayed him. There are many other betrayals throughout the course of the story. This twist really effected the way I thought about the master assassin al mualim throughout the rest of ther book.Al mualim was truly vicious and changed the assassins creed for everyone to stand by him with a tool called the apple of ede3n which had the ability to control people. He used it own his own people but if they weren't affected by it he had them beheaded. He is a truly ruthless leader. Altair grew up with al mualim teaching him the ways and almost becoming like a father to him and then betraying him so severely Altair must have been heartbroken.

I think this book needed less characters because there are a lot of side stories with different characters and they didnt get through to me like the big story of altairs redemption. I didnt feel a connection with the any characters other than altair. His struggles are amazing and for him to be alive and still leading the assassins creed is amazing.There needed to be bigger connections with other characters because thos parts of the story were very bland and boring. If you got to find out about marias background and learn how she grew up a bit more then I think I would of formed an emotional connection with this character.

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