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Asperger Syndrome Essay

  • Submitted by: Glass11
  • on August 29, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Asperger Syndrome" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Every day new types of syndromes and disabilities come out in the world. When people are having a child they are worried about how are their child coming to this world; would they have a disease, a syndrome or will it be a normal child. It is overwhelming when a person is having a child that is going to be diagnosed with a syndrome or disability. When the child is diagnosed most parents start to feel guilty and ask themselves some questions trying to find out what they did wrong so their child had that syndrome or disability. Even though their way of learning is different, they act and live their lives like any other children. Every year more children are born with Asperger syndrome because it is a developmental disorder that begins in childhood, and they can be obsessed with something they like.
Hans Asperger discovered Asperger Syndrome in 1944, and it was named after him (Medical News Today, para.4). Asperger Syndrome is a type of autism. It was not known as a distinctive disorder until later. It is a type of pervasive developmental disorder. Pervasive developmental disorder involves delays in the development of many basic skills, but the one that we notice the most is the way they socialize, communicate, and use their imagination. The child with Asperger syndrome can function better than the child with autism. They can interact with other people and can develop a normal language. They are capable of operating in their daily life. However they can be slightly immature when socializing, and communicate better to an adult than peers, at least when they are younger. They are also very smart and can talk about a topic they like, but have trouble with conversation.
Children with Asperger’s don’t understand sarcasm or jokes and take things very literally, even as they mature, and I am talking from experience having a cousin with this condition.   They follow rules and think very concretely. They depend on a daily routine, however, if it is interrupted, it brings...

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