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Aspects Of Episodic Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: jmjohnson2012
  • on March 18, 2012
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The ability to recall aspects of episodic memory are influenced by a variety of factors; including but not limited to the individual, the actual event and duration of time that has transpired since acquisition and recall. The surveys and self evaluations I have collected consist of five significant events that have occurred within the past ten years. As I asked individuals between the ages of 10-50+ a variety of topics and concepts regarding memory appeared within my data providing me with evidence to support each.
Due to the difference in age amongst the participants forgetting and decay were easily identified and supported. The young participants ages 10-15 years old were not able to recall September 11, 2001 as easily as the older participants, if at all. This is inevitable due to the fact that 9/11 occurred about ten years ago leaving this age group in the category of 0-5 years old when the event took place. The impact of this event had much less of an effect on this age group because their ability to comprehend what was occurring had been extremely low or even nonexistent.   For example a 15 year old student at BHS stated “It didn’t quite shock me because I didn’t know what any of it meant, I only knew my mom and dad were really mad and sad.” At the time of the event this student was 5 years old and did not have the ability to grasp such a historical experience. However forgetfulness of this tragic event decreased as the ages increased, this statement directly correlates to rehearsal. In order for memories to be stored they must go through the process of rehearsal. This event was extremely significant within the media, academics, and the workplace, which overall increased their memories of this event due to successive rehearsal.
Intrusion errors are when new memories are mixed up with old memories. This concept was quite common when participants were asked to recall the Red Sox winning the 2007 World Series. The Boston Red Sox also won the 2004 World...

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