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Asdad Essay

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MKTG 3101 Introduction to Marketing
Questions for Montreaux Chocolate (A) Case Discussion

The Montreaux Chocolate case describes Andrea Torres’ and the new product development team’s decisions around the launch of a new chocolate product specifically for the US market.   As you will see from the case, Torres is considering A) further product testing B) a test market in selected markets C) a regional rollout or D) a national launch. Our discussion will focus on 1) use of research results in determining viable options for new product launches 2) deciding what to do.

Please use the following questions to guide your preparation of the case:

  1. What are the key challenges and marketing issues Andrea Torres must address at this time? Why do you feel these issues and challenges are key to the success of the new product line?

  2. After analyzing consumer attitudes, usage, motivations, and benefits of chocolate products to consumers, how viable are the recommended new product concepts? Should others be explored?

  3. Should Torres recommend A) further product testing B) a test market in selected markets C) a regional rollout or D) a national launch? Why?

Note: All of you should meet with your groups before our in-class case discussion to discuss the case and the questions listed above.

If you choose to write a memo on the Montreaux Chocolate case, you should address question 3 in a persuasive memo not to exceed one page and one additional page of exhibits (no more than 3 exhibits). Please see attached instructions on memo format and grading guidelines.

For each of the two cases you choose, prepare a one-page case position memo accompanied by one page of exhibits (maximum of 3 exhibits).
  * The memos should follow the following format:  
  * One-inch margins on all sides
  * 12-point Times font
  * Single-space within paragraphs
  * Double-space between paragraphs
  * Address your memo to the principal decision maker...

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