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Asch Experiment/Milgram Experiment Summaries Essay

  • Submitted by: AverageAngel
  • on February 26, 2014
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Asch Experiment-the power of peer pressure
The Asch Experiment was a vision test in which Solomon Asch wanted to determine how much a majority group’s pressure could affect how a person acts. To conduct this test, Asch gathered a group of male college students prior to the experiment and gave them instructions to incorrectly answer certain questions. The questions all consisted of two cards, one of which had a single line on it, another with three different labeled lines. The single, real participant was told that their goal was to match the line on the first card with the corresponding line on the second. All of the members were to answer out loud in order around the table. However, the real participant was unaware that the rest of the “participants” were not really answering for which answer they believed was correct, but for which choice was predetermined to be chosen. The real participant was last which allowed for a majority answer to be selected before it was his turn to answer. The studies were based on whether the participant gave into the majority answer, or stuck with his own beliefs while answering the questions. The test was used to find out how much popular vote can affect a person to conform to the majority view.

Milgram Experiment-the power of authority
The Milgram Experiment was a word pair test in which Stanley Milgram wanted to determine how much an authority figure could influence an individual to go against their morality beliefs. Three distinct roles were portrayed in the experiment: the Experimenter, the Teacher, and the Learner. The only person that was unknowledgeable of the true test at hand was the Teacher. The Teacher and Experimenter were in a single room separated from the Learner. Their only form of communication was sounds. To conduct the experiment, the Teacher was to first read a list of word pairs then read only first word of each pair along with four answer choices. The Students role was to choose the multiple choice answer...

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