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Artist Statement Essay

  • Submitted by: beccajo
  • on March 2, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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This year my focus and subject matter will be based on the four elements; earth, water, fire and air. I chose to explore this theme as these elements interest me in the way of they too have life, and they breathe, grow and die, whether its inflicted or natural. The natural elements play a part in our every day life and are rarely noticed. Each has their own ‘power’ yet they all work together. I would really like to capture the essence of life within the elements, focusing on both the natural side and the influence that man has on them. These ideas will closely correspond with the elements earth and fire. In relation to water and air, i would like to try and illustrate the simplistic beauty that we often look past. I’d also like to try and look at all four elements as how they work together, and even over power one another. 

By using a simplistic and natural style, i will look into the beauty and life of each element. I do not want to ‘over do’ or complicate any work that i create, this refers to all parts of my theme. To emphasise the ideas of life and natural beauty in the elements, i want to keep the photographs ordered and subtle with little subject in my photographs. I feel that this way, the viewer will not drift away from the main focus. I want to keep the photographs as natural as the subject matter. I do not plan on ‘over-editing’ any photographs i take. 

Previously, i have experimented with transferring images onto wood.This year i would like to take it further by transferring one or multiple images onto glass to create a layered effect. The kind of images i would like to transfer are green, earthy ones that have enough free space to ensure that the transfers are semi transparent. I would also like to experiment transferring photographs of water onto glass. I am interested in the idea of the transparency involved in glass transfers no matter what the image is. I would like to try this technique with smaller scale glass and eventually use larger, layered...

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