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Artificial Intelligence Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Artificial Intelligence
Kathy Terry

Artificial Intelligence
When thinking about Artificial Intelligence you will have to look at many factors due to the complexly that is dealt with Artificial Intelligence. Some of the things we are going to look at are the neural networks and the expert systems for computer applications. Also how robotics has come to play a new role in our society and how Artificial Intelligence will become a big part of our daily lives in the future.  
Let’s start by asking the question what is Artificial Intelligences?   It is a combination of science and engineering; it can make smarter machines, like intelligent computer programs so they can speak to us and we can reply back to them making it look as they were human. Research first started after WWII one of the first researchers was a man named Alan Turning; he gave his first lecture back in 1947. “It is commonly believed that AI was born as a discipline at a conference called "The Dartmouth Summer research Project on Artificial Intelligence", organized by amongst others, John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky. At this conference a system known as logic theorist was demonstrated by Alan Newell and Herb Simon. Logic theorist was a system which discovered proofs to theorems in symbolic logic. The significance of this system was that, in the words of (Feigenbaum and Feldman 1963: p. 108) Logic Theorist was "…the first foray by artificial intelligence into high-order intellectual processes." This initial success was rapidly followed by a number of other systems which could perform apparently intelligent tasks. For example, a system known as "Dendral" was able to mechanize aspects of the scientific reasoning found in organic chemistry. Another program, known as "Mycin", was able to interactively diagnose infectious diseases “(Berkeley1997).   This was the beginning steps for the development Artificial Intelligence as we know it today.
When it comes to Artificial Intelligence you have to...

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