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Article Review

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                                  John Sperling School of Business
                                    (South Orlando Learning Center)
Assignment for ECO/365 – Principles of Microeconomics

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Title of Assignment: Article Review

Author(s): Ardon Schambers

Title of the article: Workplace technology puts strain on organizational policies.

Source of article with the date & year: The source of the article came from grbj.com powered by Grand Rapids business journals March 22, 2013

Primary issue: The way the company technology has an impact on the employees

Secondary issue(s): Is the employee schedules, their wages, and the changes.

Relationship of primary article discussion to this course:

            The relationship of the primary article discussion to this course the changes in technology and how is affecting the behavior in the workplace.   Then the other discussion is how the organizations human resources gets in involved to address the situation to make it better for the employees feel comfortable with the new technology that the company decided to go with.   The other topic that it covers is how the company should get the human resource department, IT executive, and employees to be introduced to the new changes of the technology so they have a better understanding of the changes (Schambers, 2013).   Then it speaks of the policies that are put in place on technology and the way it is to be used for the company purpose only.

Your critical evaluation/personal insights: (I’ll be looking in this area for substantive integration of relevant economic concepts and application).   You can integrate the information from the FIVE additional sources here as part of your supporting documentation.

        My personal insight in this technology and organization has its difficulties.   When getting into the new technology is always, a good...

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