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Article Review

  • Submitted by: Tommie620
  • on March 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Clark, B., & York, R., (2008). Rifts and Shifts: Getting to the Root of Environmental Crises.
Monthly Review, 60(6), 13-24. Retrieved Febrauary 15, 2012, from Social Science
Module. (Document Id: 1596682871)

Brett Clark and Richard York, authors of this article, are both well known in the fields of environmental studies and sociology. Brett Clark has many published books that were co-authored by Richard York, that discuss many hot topics of environmental sociology. Clark also won the 2007 Outstanding Publication Award for a series of articles written with Richard York by the American Sociological Association (Environment and Technology Section). Brett Clark is currently an assistant professor in sociology at NC State University. Richard York, holds a M.S in Environmental Studies from Bemidji State and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Washington State. He has coauthored many books and scholarly journal publications with Brett Clark, becoming a known figure in the field. York is currently an associate professor in sociology at the University of Oregon.
In this paper, I summarize the article, offer comments and support how well Clark and York argue the topic of Environmental Crises and the impact of Capitalism. I provide more recent articles that support the main argument that Clark and York present, which was built upon research going back to Marx, who, understood the serious effects the Capitalist society would have on soil degradation, even back in his time.

Article Summary
Clark and York argue that “although the ecological crisis has captured public attention, the dominant economic forces are attempting to seize the moment by assuring us that capital, technology, and the market can be employed so as to ward off any threats without a major transformation of society” (Pg. 13).   They provide a clear understanding of the Capitalist society and how capital accumulation; the main drive of Capitalism, causes a cascade of events to occur, which generate rifts in...

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