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Art Critique

  • Submitted by: Leeroyleal1
  • on March 25, 2014
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ENGL 110 C
Professor Czer
April 15, 2013
Art critique

“I and the Village” is by the French painter Marc Chagall, who uses geometrical shapes throughout his art piece. It was an oil painting on a huge canvas, six feet and three inches and five eighths by fifty-nine inches and five eighths tall. It hangs on display at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.
The big attraction to the art piece is a big goat face staring into a man’s green face that is huge. The Goat’s head is at the top left of the painting and the man’s face is all along the right side of the painting.   There are buildings on the top middle of the painting all very close to each other like as if they were connected. One of the buildings is a church with a small face of a man staring out of it. Straight at the bottom middle of the painting is a branch with some kind of flowers or grapes on them that the man is holding on too. At the bottom left of the art piece there is a circle that is half white and half reddish.
The man with the green face has white lips, white eyes with darkish blue surrounding the white; he has a necklace that has different colored beads and a cross at the end of it. He must be wearing an orange shirt or robe with a white hat that has a dark pinkish color as the visor with many different colors at the end of it. The man also has a ring on his left index finger.
Inside the goats face that’s staring into the man with the green face has another full size goat and a woman milking the goat. The goat inside of the goats face has red eyes. The woman whose milking the goat has a dress on that’s very colorful. Right under the buildings is a woman lying down and a man that looks like he is a farmer.
The colors in the painting vary. There is so many colors and are used in a different way. Such as, the face of the man on the right side of the painting, its green. The artist uses a lot of Geometrical shapes in his painting for example, he uses triangles for houses, more...

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