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Are Men Irresponsible Essay

  • Submitted by: devraj54
  • on March 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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1.   Are Men Irresponsible

No, they are not.   Men, as a community, are a responsible lot.   They make good fathers and good husbands.   If that was not so, there would have been no families.   It is their sense of responsibility that binds the families.   Their sense of responsibility makes a house a home.   The fact is that the children of a single mother are more likely to become law offenders.   Man, as a son, brother, husband or father, provides security to the entire family.   Man, as a father, keeps the children under check.   The fact that the men have been given equal rights under Section 15 of Equality Rights proves that they are considered equally responsible.   It is not only at home that they are responsible.   They are considered as responsible worker, if not more, at least, at par, with the women.   We find, men working with the women, in all walk of life.   Some professions, such as air-hostess, medicine, nursing and teaching are considered as women’s professions.   However, we find that more and more men are entering into these professions.   And they are doing quite well, in these professions, too.   It is, therefore, a myth that the men are irresponsible.

2.   Are All Men Abusive

It is a myth.   Not all the men are abusive.   Most of the educated lots are fine gentlemen.   They give respect and command respect.   Some people feel that the abusive language is a sign of strength, power and command.   Such people are not always men.   They consist of both the men and the women.   In fact, there is no particular race, religion, caste or creed that uses abusive language.   All men cannot be said to be abusive, because some men, as teachers, check their students from using the abusive language.   Many men, as fathers guide their children to use decent language.   No doubt some men use abusive language.   But then it is true for the women, too.   We find many women using abusive language.   To certain extend, it can be said that the abusive language is like a mother tongue....

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