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Appropriate Behavior Expectations Essay

  • Submitted by: michaelmwray
  • on June 22, 2014
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Appropriate Behavior Expectations
Michael M. Wray R.T. (R)
Intro to Early Childhood Behavior Management 201
Dr. Keli Keyes
June 15, 2014

It is important for children to display appropriate behavior at all times in the classroom.   Displaying appropriate behavior teaches the students to be kind and respectful to each other, the teacher, and the class as a whole.   It is important for children to raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher before they speak.   This behavior will teach the students to not interrupt other each other while they are speaking.   This behavior will ensure that every student gets an opportunity to express themselves.   Another behavior that students need to display in the classroom would be to not disrupt other classmates.   This is an appropriate rule to display to make sure that the student are not hindering each other from learning or properly hearing instructions.   The last rule I will discuss is keeping your hands to yourself.   Sometimes children are lost for words and do not know how to express themselves so they use their hands instead of their words.   This could cause harm or injury to another student.  
Ron was not present during the first couple of days of the school when the teacher was establishing the foundational rules and classroom procedures.   Even though the rules may have been explained to him, he has not had as much time as the other students to grab a hold of the classroom concepts.   Some students may not catch on as quickly as some others and it may take longer for them to get into a routine.   Ron may have to be redirected a couple of times until he catches on.
Ron’s behavior is considered unacceptable and if not corrected it can cause problems amongst the other children.   One strategy that I was use is to redirect Ron.   Sometimes students have to be reminded about the rules and the classroom procedures.   It may not be that he does not want to follow instructions; he just got side tracked by the...

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