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Applications Beneficial or No? Essay

  • Submitted by: student555
  • on February 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Applications Beneficial or No?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Our everyday lives and our society have been changed by new technological innovations. Cell phones, laptops, iPods, etc., have all had an enormous impact on the way we communicate and interact with others. On these devices they each have applications or “apps” for short. With apps you can play games, use the Internet, social media, read books, check emails etc. Now all of these things are marvelous because it makes it easier for us to get things done faster and more efficient. However, what we don’t focus on is how much privacy these apps provide for us.
Applications like to trick us into thinking all of our personal information is safe for only those we want to see it. According to Edward W. Felten of “The Industry Needs to Step Up,” the industry should step up and give parents and their children better options. Adult users and parents on behalf of their kids, should be empowered to decide how to trade off privacy against function and convenience. There have been a new study done by the F.T.C. on apps, and found that 80% of the apps being used failed to disclose their “privacy policies,”(Felten). What parents and other everyday users should be more aware about is that others may get important information that they maybe did not want to share. Apps need to be more privacy friendly. Users also have to become more aware about what information they are sharing with these apps. As stated by Macie J. Ceglowski, “We need a more forgetful internet” (Ceglowski). The saying what you put on the Internet stays on the Internet is not just a saying it is in fact 100% true. The moment you upload a photo, or enter a credit card on a website it is forever on the Internet and can be hacked at anytime. Ceglowski states, “It’s common for debaters of even the most sensitive information to be hacked.” Even the smallest of information can be traced and hacked. The Internet needs to become easier to erase information for good, because something’s will come back and stab you in the...

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