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Apple & Marketing Essay

  • Submitted by: mandypierce83
  • on September 1, 2013
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Week One Case Analysis
MRKT 5000 Online Course

Amanda Pierce
Case Summary:
In 1976 when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the Apple Corporation marketing was a much smaller sect of the industry.   Today, 37 years later, Apple has truly become a marketing icon.   Even in 1980, when Apple was leading the industry with their Macintosh product, their company’s worth was only $1 billion, annually.   As times have changed, marketing has changed and so has the Apple marketing plan.   The Apple Corporation launched into an unknown market back in the 70s and through the 80s they continued to forge ahead in the early market.   Today, with so many competitors trying to replicate the success of Jobs and Wozniak, Apple has found their niche with their marketing plan that simply sets them apart.  
Key Marketing Issues
  * New Product Development Process – With each creation of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, came the critics, the naysayers.   The choice of Jobs and Wozniak was to block out the naysayers and create their products regardless.   The iPad was something many said would never succeed.   In September of 2010, “A Wall Street Analysis projected Apple’s iPad sales (alone) to reach 28 million in 2011.”   In the first month of their existence, they sold over 3.27 million units.   In one month!   Naysayers were obviously wrong!   [1]
  * Aesthetic Modification - With each launch of the latest Apple product it is obvious the Apple Corporation is focused on what is pleasing to the eye.   When all the other competitors are focused on delivering similar applications, hardware and functionality; Apple is taking that objective to the next level.   Apple obviously not only wants to “have everything” they want to make it look the best.   Cliff Kuang wrote an article explaining his take on, “The Six Pillars of Steve Jobs’ Design Philosophy.”   In the article Kuang explained that Jobs was entirely focused on three things when it came to aesthetics:   empathy, focus and impute.   Jobs care...

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