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Ap World Essay

  • Submitted by: Nichiy
  • on February 26, 2014
  • Category: History
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There are hundreds of religions in the world, from Christianity to Hinduism. Each religion has different points of view, different beliefs and different ideals. These differences that have lead to antagonizing of each other for centuries, can lead to war. Some religions do not believe in such imprudent clashes. While many religions use war to make people believe in their religion, others view war as a gateway to eternal damnation. Each religion in the world has an opinion, an opinion that can sway whether or not they believe that war is righteous act or one full of sin.  
Many religions believe in war sting heartily. They view war as a prosperous act, one that can only lead to beneficial repercussions in their after life. In the Islamic belief war is used to convert people even to go so far as to slit the throats of those who chose not to convert. In the Islamic belief if one dies in battle over God, they shall be granted recompense. Though Islam is not the only religion to believe in war, Hinduism also is coated with the dressing of war. They to believe that if one falls in battle they shall be granted entrance to heaven. The Hindus also believe that war is always in their favor, though no religion would go to war for something they do not believe in. Those who practice the Hindu faith believe that sin cannot mark them in war, whether they be victorious or defeated. Both of these religions, Islam and Hinduism, believe war is part of life and that it is an honorable act, though they face much opposition.
While many religions hold a strong stance on their belief for war, many stand at a middle ground. Often over time the views on war in certain religions will sway slightly towards not the direction. One of these such religions is Christianity, a religion that strongly believes in behaving morally and being forgiven for sin. It is common in the Christian belief that war, as long as defensive, if acceptable. Though through out history Christians   have been the...

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