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Ap-Us History Notes Essay

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  • on August 29, 2013
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England was finally able to plant successful colonies in the seventeenth century because England and Spain's close ties had broken off, which gave England an appeal in exploring the New World. The joint-stock companies provided ways that were safe for investors to make a profit, which was the main reason for the colonies. With the population increasing, many people became unemplyed, giving a large slection of laborers for the voyages to America.

Virginia was hit hard with tragedy in the early years. VA suffered from food shortages, disease, and war with Native Americans. The number of surviors during the starving time was low. John Smith started to organize the colony, getting people to work he said "He who will not work, shall not eat".   Later on Smith was kidnapped by Indians and rescued by the Chief's daughter who provided foodstuffs to settlers. She married John Rolfe who she later on taught how to grow tobacco, who he then taught other settlers how to grow. Tobacco industry became the foundation of Virginia's economy and the plantation system emerged. The House of Burgeses was also established, created to attract more settlers to VA, offering more liberty. Lord Baltimore was given a piece of VA which turned into the colony of Maryland. Half of all born in early Maryland and VA did not live past 20. The region eventually stabilized due to increased immunities to disease and rising rush of women. By 1700 VA was the most populated colony and Maryland was the third most populated.  

African slavery and indentured servitude became common labor systems in the southern colonies because as plantations grew and expanded slavery was needed to keep the plantations and growth of tobacco up as well. The economy of the southern colonies relied heavily on slave labor.
Virginia was founded by the London Company to find gold and was where the first colonial parliament in the British American colonies was established. VA became a self-governed colony. Maryland was...

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