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Anything Could Happen In a Relationship Essay

  • Submitted by: kellym072
  • on March 18, 2012
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Anything could happen in a relationship.

          Love is like an adventure, currently I'm on one , with my boyfriend David. Before him I didn't trust anyone when I say anyone I mean everyone so many guys lied to me just get some but I knew in my heart they truly didn't like me. I learned to the true sides of the one close to me. I didn't want to trust anyone anymore but when I meet David while walking the bright top floor of the student union. We saw each other in the hallway often, him smiling at me and me smile at him I knew he was different from the others I meet before him. I fell for him but I'm truly afraid of losing him and this happiness he gives me. Is it enough it enough? I truly don't know.
        Lately I have been getting truly jealous of a girl he meet starve. I have this feeling that she has this thing for him. I'm not blind. He has no idea how I'm feeling about all of this. I don't trust him when he's completely fucked up. I love him, I just don't want to lose him.
        I have this feeling that this is going to end badly and breaks both of our hearts that we can't move on. Why do I feel like this? I hate it and I feel like I'm losing him, I don't want him to be another that I lost.
          I'm losing it and if love is an adventure.   What kind of adventure is this? I'm willing to fight for this. I believe we can have a future together. Nothing will stop me now; I got the one person I always wanted.
        0   I may get easily depressed over nothing but in the end I'm truly happy that I found the one. Love in the end is the most amazing feeling you can have. Nothing will change these feelings I have for David.
          This could happen to me one day if I lost David. Lily stood up from her bed naked again. She thought she wasn't going to do this to herself anymore, but habits are hard to beat. She remembered she had everything, then she started to drink heavily and non-stop partying and other thing like pot, meth the list goes on....

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