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Anthro Essay

  • Submitted by: MishieMicheezy1
  • on February 26, 2014
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The passage about slavery in Mauritania adopts the theory of stratification by Karl Marx. According to Karl Marx, inequality is due to people’s relationship to means of production. By controlling things such as institutions such as the government, the owners can convince and give a false idea to workers that anyone can be successful if they work hard enough. Karl Marx theory of stratification says that the owners exploit the workers and the workers think what the owners do are for the best for them.  
The passage relates to his theory because the slaves in Mauritania are exploited by their slave masters and they however think that they do it for the best of them. A good example that shows how much they are exploited is Molkheirs story. She grew up in the slave owner’s farm and spent most of the time with the animals. She felt that she was “like an animal living with animals.” After she hit puberty she was raped and she bore this torture by thinking it’s the best for her. Furthermore, her child was let out to die and was not even given to give proper burial and even so, the exploiting master heartlessly asked her to get back to work saying that the dead child’s soul is a dog’s soul.
The slaves in Mauritania are brainwashed to believe that they are inferior due to their dark skin color and that they were “born” into a certain environment and that it considered the fair and right. Therefore people in Mauritania thought of slavery as a natural state. Not only that, they are learnt to believe that they could not survive without the assistance of their masters. For an example, when Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane freed his slaves, they did not want to be free of did not know what freedom was. This shows that they think what the owners think are the best for them.
Likewise the slave owners or the higher class of the society in Mauritania did not want slavery to abolish either. This is clear from the fact that slavery was officially abolished in 1981 but it was allowed to...

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