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Anthem Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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Chapter 9
1.) He was taught that there should not be individuals but the great “WE”. People should not care for themselves but only for the better of the group. It is evil to go against this.
      Equality said that “Joy “is bond between them (82). Now the bond between them is    
            joy because they are free from the council’s laws. They can go anywhere they please
            on their own accord. Most importantly they get to make their own decisions, together.  
            The Joy comes from being able to do those things.
Chapter 10
1. In my opinion, the house is like an ordinary house. It was a two story house with a flat roof and lots of windows. The house has the everyday things you would find in our present day house, their “unmentionable times”. Lamps, books, clothes, windows, and mirrors. The house had twelve bedrooms, which Liberty and Equality found very odd. Probably because where they lived they had just one giant room which many beds lined up next to each other, not separate rooms that were each individually unique for each person. Liberty and Equality have never been exposed to how normal people live and what normal people have in their house, so that’s most likely the reason why they thought that the house was so weird.
Chapter 11
1.) The great discovery Equality makes is simply the word “I”. And not just the word “I” but also self-respect and independence. He understands now that he, and no one else for that matter, belongs to a greater society but to something even greater than that.
2.) I think we get meaning from living for a real purpose. Without a real purpose, we have no worth because from human experience we know we throw away things that have no purpose. There is something in our human nature that demands that our lives be worth living. Therefore, we need a real purpose. Many people seem able to invent a purpose for themselves, and convince themselves that it is real. But they know it is not real a purpose.
3.) Not...

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