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Annotated Bib Essay

  • Submitted by: olidavis11
  • on September 3, 2013
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Olivia C. McDonald
English 101 E
Dr. Watson
November 27, 2012
Effective Communication “The Great Debaters”
Annotated Bibliography

Curry, George E. "'the Great Debaters' Honors Black Oral Tradition." Afro - American Red Star:
1. 2007. Chicago Tribune; Ethnic NewsWatch; ProQuest Newsstand. Web. 28 Nov.
In this newspaper article, exported from a scholarly newsstand “Chicago Tribune”, Curry addresses the history along with the message behind the movie “The Great Debaters.” Curry also explains how over the years communication with teens and even adults have become unintelligible and misunderstanding. Its purpose was to have a revolutionary impact on young people and give them a better appreciation for effective communication. Also, this particular article was interesting to me, because it shines light on how different the ways of communicating in today’s society are versus the way African American spoke in the year 1935. This true story brought across in film offered the beauty behind the art of debate and as well as providing positive messages about how powerful effective speaking words on another individual is taken as a skill. I decided to include this article because it provided a better understanding of why effective communication matters and the history behind a movie that I value about African American history.
"Students from Westside Schools Win Top Prizes at Debate Academy; Students Visit Capitol Hill during Debate Academy at Howard University." Chicago Weekend: 1. Jul 20 2005. Ethnic NewsWatch. Web. 28 Nov. 2012 .
In this article of Chicago Weekend, a scholarly printed newspaper; it expresses the power and importance of debate when spoken by youth or skilled professionals in politics. It brought up an event when high school students that are originally on a debate team were given the opportunity to visit several members of Congress during something called, "Capitol Hill Day" as part of a Debate Academy at Howard University that took...

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