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Annie Lennox Article Analysis

  • Submitted by: andy4789
  • on March 27, 2014
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Annie Lennox article analysis
This extract is of an internet article explaining Annie Lennox’s point of view that music videos are turning more and more risqué. The intended audience is parents, possibly leaning to the female (mums) side, and the purpose is to provoke thought and to gain support for Lennox’s point of view here.
Graphologically, one of the first features you notice on the extract is the bold title at the very top. The short, shocking declarative “pop videos have turned into porn” immediately makes the context of the article obvious and begins provoking thought straight away. This means the reader has an opinion on the topic before they read the article, and it can either change or be made stronger as they read on. The proper noun “Annie Lennox”, the name of a famous musician who is saying this, adds authority and authenticity to the statement as she is widely regarded as an industry expert, and so her views are seen as reliable.
Another graphological feature is the image of Lennox at the top of the article. The picture of such a well-known celebrity and the association with the cause again adds authenticity to the opinions in the article. The concerned expression on her face in the image reinforces her mood about the issue of porn in pop videos, and the simple declarative quote in the caption sums the article up.
The main body of the article starts off with nouns in apposition “singer Annie Lennox”. This ensures that anyone who may be unsure as to who Lennox is, is made aware that she is in the music business and again emphasises her authority on the topic. There is then a quote from her, saying that music videos have become “highly styled pornography with musical accompaniment”. The adverb ‘highly’ intensifies her point that the ‘pornography’ is styled as to be hidden by a layer of entertainment unlike regular porn, and the noun “accompaniment” is suggesting that the music is no longer important to pop videos and is just an added extra to the...

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