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Anne Sexton Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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          May 3, 2006


We are pleased to advise you that effective today our electronic Opportunity Roster will be in effect.

The following is a summary of how the new Opportunity Roster will work:
Duty time in the office to be eliminated.
Electronic sign in/out will be introduced shortly.   Agents must use this in/out system so that our support staff can monitor who is in the office and who is not.
Each opportunity will be screened by the secretary as follows:
          i. How did you get our number?
          ii. Do you know anyone from this office?
        iii. E-mail messages will be screened by reading it.
Once the call/walk-in e-mail etc. has been screened and the secretary has determined that it belongs to a specific agent, the appropriate information will be paged out or e-mailed to that agent.
Should the entitled agent not be available and the client insists on seeing/speaking with another agent, that opportunity will “NOT” be given to another agent. Call will be lost.
All opportunities that cannot be determined to belong to any specific agent will be given to the next agent on the opportunity roster.
All opportunities that call into to the office will be paged out.
All opportunities that walk into the office will be assigned to the next agent on the opportunity roster that is in the office.
All opportunities that are received by e-mail will be e-mailed to the next agent on the opportunity roster that has demonstrated some technology proficiency.
System automatically scrolls to next agent entitled to next opportunity contact.
Opportunities will be sorted for commercial and residential.
Commercial agents will receive commercial opportunities.
Residential agents will receive residential opportunities.
Opportunity roster will run in an endless loop.
Only the Broker will have the authority to reinstate agent on roster. Support staff not...

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