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Animesh Essay

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MLP and HLP of chapter- Reproduction in plants Class VII

Asexual reproduction
New plants are obtained without production of seeds or spores.
Vegetative Propagation
It is a type of asexual reproduction in which new plants are produced from the vegetative parts of the plant.
1.   Vegetative Propagation by Roots
Roots of are some plants like raddish, carrot, Dahlia, Tapioca are tuberous and when planted in specially prepared soil, develop adventitious buds which grow into leafy shoots called slips. The young slips are detached from the parental plant and grown separately. In woody plants such as Albizzialebbek, Dalbergia sisoo, some of the roots running just below the ground level develop adventitious buds at intervals. The buds grow out in the form of shoots which produce the new plants.
2. Vegetative Propagation by Stem
Aerial weak stems like runners and stolons, when they touch the ground, give off adventitious roots. When the connection with the parent plant is broken, the portion with the newly struck roots develops into an independent plant.
Some examples for propagation by stem are from
stolons - Vallisneria, strawberry
offsets - Eichhornia
rhizome - banana, ginger
bulbs - Alluim cepa, orion
corns - colacasia
tuber – potato

A sprouted potato tuber showing the development of many plants
3. Vegetative Propagation by Leaves

Leaves are not a common means of vegetative propagation in nature. But, in species of Bryophyllum, plantlets are produced from the notches of the margin of intact leaves, while the latter are still attached to the parent plant. In other species of Bryophyllum, the leaves must be detached or injured before plantlets arise.

Small bulb like projection coming out from some single celled organism that gradually grows and gets detached from parent cell and forms a new organism.Example - Yeast
During fragmentation an Organism breaks up into fragments and these fragments or pieces grow into...

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