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Animal Testing Essay

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Gretchen Imel
Mr. Pagnani
Speech A4
14 December 2009
Persuasive Speech:   Animal Testing
      Imagine you are being locked in a cold, small metal cage, and you have no clue why.   You are scared and confused.   Every day you are tortured, forced to swallow chemicals, have chemicals rubbed on your skin, chemicals squirted into your eyes, and you are forced to inhale chemicals. Big aliens poke and prod you with huge needles. Disgusting tumors grow on your body, your skin becomes very red and irritated, and it becomes harder and harder for you to breathe.   You wish for a quick death.   And when your use is over, you die. This is what thousands of animals go through every day.   According to the Humane Society of the United States the approximate number of animals used in experiments, each year, is between 17-22 million.   The testing occurs on rat, mice, rabbits, monkeys, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and many more animals that could otherwise have a happier life.   Many of the companies that test on these animals are companies you, as a consumer, buy from.   Some of these companies include Cover Girl, Clorox, Neutrogena, Windex, Kleenex, Huggies, Johnson & Johnson, Vaseline, and Woolite, just to name a few.   Many of the manufacturers, that still test their products on animals, produce personal care items, household items, or medical items despite the growing number of alternative methods for evaluating product safety.   Throughout my research, I have come to the conclusion that the testing of animals should be stopped because animal testing is cruel, animal testing is pointless, and there are more reliable alternative methods to test the safety of a product.   I will also tell you about some companies that take pride in not testing their products on animals.   First, let’s look at why animal testing is cruel.  
      Like humans, animals have priorities, needs, preferences, emotions, and thoughts that make each one an individual.   Animals living in laboratories are...

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