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Animal Farm Glossary Essay

  • Submitted by: Tigertess27
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Animal Farm Glossary" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Words to Know in Animal Farm*

Chapter 1
  1. popholes—(n.) holes or window-like openings on the sides of henhouses that hens can enter and exit through
  2. scullery—(n.) a room for cleaning and storing dishes and cooking utensils and for doing messy kitchen work
  3. ensconced—(v.) settled comfortable, snugly, or securely
  4. benevolent—(adj.) doing or inclined to do good; kindly; charitable
  5. tushes—(n.) long pointed teeth or tusks
  6. cynical—(adj.) believing that people are motivated only be selfishness; sarcastic
  7. laborious (adj.) involving or calling for much work; difficult
  8. tyranny—(n.) very cruel and unjust use of power or authority
  9. dissentients—(n.) those who disagree, especially with that majority opinion
  10. mangel-wurzels—(n.) a type of root; a large yellow- to reddish-orange beet grown chiefly as food for cattle

Chapter 2
  1. preeminent—(adj.) superior to others, especially in a particular quality
  2. vivacious—(adj.) lively
  3. gamboled—(v.) jumped and skipped about in play; frolicked

Chapter 3
  1. obstinate—(adj.) stubborn
  2. cryptic—(adj.) having a hidden, puzzling, or ambiguous meaning
  3. indefatigable—(adj.) that which cannot be tired out
  4. maxim—(n.) a concisely expressed principle or rule of conduct; a statement of a general truth
  5. propulsion—(n) a pushing, driving, or impelling onward or forward; a driving force

Chapter 4
  1. tractable—(adj.) easily managed or controlled; docile
  2. irrepressible—(adj.) that which cannot be controlled or restrained
  3. ignominious—(adj.) shameful; dishonorable; disgraceful
  4. posthumously—(adv.) occurring or continuing after one’s death

Chapter 5
  1. pretext—(n.) a false reason or motive put forth to hide the real one; excuse
  2. blithely—(adj.) of a lighthearted character or disposition; lacking due thought or consideration; heedless
  3. public-house—(n.) a government office building, a courthouse, or a...

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