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Animal Farm Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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George Orwell’s Animal Farm was written in 1944 to defend his central beliefs on individual rights and human equality and the idea of Utopia lead to Dystopia’s assisted his beliefs. Orwell has explored the consequences of attempting to achieve a Utopia, an ideal world and how it leads to a Dystopia, a world of oppression and suffering. Orwell has satires Russian totalitarism through Animal Farm allegory.
Animal Farm opens with the unfair treatment of the animals by Mr Jones, a drunken wreck, which then goes onto Old Major sharing his dream to all the other animals. His dream is what is known as the ideal, the Utopia and what he tries to get across to the other animals is how to achieve this ideal, “Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene”. (Page 4) This quote demonstrates the way in which Old Major goes about creating a Utopia, getting man out of the picture. This reflects back to Orwell’s beliefs on individual rights.
As the story progresses in Animal Farm, Napoleon takes a stand in place of Old Major and Mr Jones is run off the farm. Soon after this event Napoleon and the animals put together a set of commandments, “...they would form a law, by which all animals on Animal Farm must live for ever after”. (Page 15) The seven commandments are the laws of the ways the animals are to live. The commandments are an example of how the animals attempt to achieve their idea of a Utopia.
In Orwell’s Animal Farm, greed and power are portrayed through the actions and ambitions of Snowball. As the Utopia starts out great, Snowball wants more and doesn’t like how he isn’t the one with all the power, so greed sets in. Snowball then trains a litter of puppies to grow up and be savage beasts. Once he lets them go after the other animals it causes Napoleon to loss his own ideal, the Utopia he had try to form turns to the opposite, a dystopia. This part of Animal Farm assists with the idea that utopia’s always lead to dystopias.
In Animal Farm, once...

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