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Animal Essay

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Fear filled his eyes as the tiny white mouse stared out of his barren cage and into the face of the big man with the lab coat. Animal testing is mainly done on vulnerable animals like birds, mice and rats, dogs, cats, and primates. Why would someone want to harm cute little puppies, kittens, and monkeys? Who in their right mind would do this?   Well the reason why the experimenting occurs to see what happens to the animals because researchers think animals will react the same way as would a human react to the tests. According to Michele McKay, “115 million dogs, cats, and primates and other mammals suffer and die each year and 80% of animals used are birds, mice and rats, are not protected by Animal Welfare Act. Therefore unaccounted for.” A quote from Helen Marston about why animal testing should be prohibited.
“The human body is extremely complex. This is why animals are not
Good models for human medicine.
Humans differ from other animals anatomically, genetically and
Metabolically (Helen)”
Animal experimenting should be banned because The Food and Drug Administration reports “that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail when tested on humans” (FDA).   Animal experimenting should be stopped even though most of the tests that pass on animals end up failing when tested on humans. A simple shampooing test is not just put on the animal’s fur. The shampoo is actually put on the shaved skin and in the eyes. Many of these animals that have tests run on them if they end up living by the end of the experimenting period, the majority of them are killed and just thrown in bins or the trash. Millions of animals all over the world are tortured and tested upon every day for the use of mankind. Medical research, food and even our makeup industry are all the causes of why these animals die each and every year. While many people believe that animals are crucial parts of these industries, most could be run very successfully without exploiting animals. In both...

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