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Anatomy Unit 4 Essay

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Tyra Thompson
Section 2530
Unit 4 Assignment 1
Reading Guide

  1. Calcium, Phosphorus
  2. Flat bones
  3. Location: Metaphysis
Function: Allows the diaphysis of bone to grow in length, protects the bone
Composition: Hyaline Catilage, Articular Cartilage, Periosteum
  4. Red bone marrow
  5. Endochondral Ossification
  6. It replaces old tissue before deterioration begins and heals an injured bone. New tissue is less brittle and stronger than old tissue.
  7. Facet
  8. Vomer
  9. 60
  10. Ilium, ischium, pubis

Tyra Thompson and Kamia Mims
Section 2530
Unit 4 Case Study 1
Overcoming the Perils of Canoe Lake

First Aid for Dehydration
Dehydration happens when you lose more fluid then you take in and your body doesn’t have enough fluids to carry out its normal functions. Whenever fluids are lost due to sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, etc, you must replace them or dehydration will occur. Mild to moderate dehydration can be reversed my simply increasing your fluid intake. Severe dehydration however can result in serious health issues which require immediate medical attention. If you do not seek immediate help you may be at risk for heat injury, swelling of the brain, seizures, low blood volume, kidney failure, coma or even death.
Symptoms for mild to moderate dehydration
(In which you should increase fluids to reverse)
  * Dry/sticky mouth
  * Fatigue
  * Thirst
  * Decreased urine output
  * Dry skin
  * Not able to produce tears while crying
  * Headache
  * Constipation
  * Dizziness
Symptoms for severe dehydration
(In which you should seek medical attention)
  * Extreme thirst
  * Lack of sweating
  * Sunken eyes
  * Little or no urination
  * Very dry mouth, skin and mucous membranes
  * Low blood pressure
  * Rapid heartbeat
  * Rapid breathing
  * Fever
  * Delirium or unconsciousness

  * Drinking water
  * Using an oral rehydration solution
  * Avoid certain foods such as: milk, sodas, caffeinated beverages,...

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