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Analysis to Vanity Fair

  • Submitted by: VicKhorosheva
  • on March 27, 2014
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Vanity Fair
(by W. M. Thackeray)
The text under analysis is an excerpt taken from the novel “Vanity Fair” written by William Thackeray, an English novelist of the nineteenth century. He was famous for his satirical works, in which he presented a panoramic portrait of English society. Thackeray is the master in the usage of epithets, metaphors and digressions. He created his works during the Victorian age, which was characterized by very selfish and egoistic people, who strove to get some titles in the same way as money. Love was not taken into consideration at all.
“Vanity Fair” is his masterpiece. In the novel Thackeray attracts the readers’ attention to the most common vices of the upper classes-money-worship, reverence for ranks and titles, hypocrisy, cruelty and corruption.
The action of the excerpt takes place at Rebecca’s house, and undoubtedly this very fact adds to the verisimilitude of the plot. In the fragment Thackeray exposes the story of a small boy Rawdon, who loves his mother, but does not get any love in return. He does not realize why his mother hates him and treats him in the following way. But the reason for her such behaviour is that she strives to get a title and that is why this aim is the main one for her. Her child, in this situation, is burden to Rebecca. Thus, the theme of the excerpt is general and is based on the essence of family relationships; and specific, which reveals the topic: the relations of the parents and children in this very family. On the whole, the theme is profound and accessible.
The extract naturally falls into two logically complete parts. The first part concerns the depicting of Rawdon, his emotions and feelings. The second part is devoted to the events, after which the boy changes his attitude to his mother.
The excerpt is the third person narration, presented by an observer author. The extract is organized in such a way that description is predominant in the excerpt under discussion. The usage of this form of...

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