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Analysis Paper

  • Submitted by: stephstephbooty
  • on March 18, 2012
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Reader Response: “The Yellow Wallpaper”
In the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper“,author Charlotte Perkins gives several valid points in the story about feminist criticism that are not necessarily obvious for the reader too see when you read it at first. However, once the story is examined carefully, these points become very clear to the reader that women do not have a say in their decisions. Once you read from a feminist perspective, certain things in the story start standing out more and taking on a different meaning than they meant before. Not everybody is going to agree that Perkin’s is trying to show criticism against women, but she makes several situations and logical conclusions that helps the reader to see the true meaning of the story and what the author meant when she wrote it.
“The Yellow Wallpaper”,shows the main character a woman suffering from a nervous breakdown. For many readers the character’s condition seems to be going away as she retells her thoughts in the nursing home. This initial impression, however, is misleading because the story has a perceptive judgment of one’s own process of mental recovering, in which she traces the stages through renewing her lost identity. Starting with the woman, staying in a nursing home, under the “very careful and loving”(Perkins 548) and highly achieving husband who’s profession is a “physician”(Perkins 547). In Addition, the story more looses its thought of action and dives into the bigger picture that is being brought into the character’s mind. The relationship between the woman and her husband, John, is very demanding when it comes to adding the whole picture together. Increasingly in the story, the reader learns about the obsessive husband who strictly try’s to controls his wife’s life and decisions for her. But, some situations bringing the main

character to realize what her husband is trying to doing and starts to retaliate back. As John   watches and makes choices for her every single minute of...

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