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Analysis Of Jefferson's First Inaugural Address

  • Submitted by: mayrarae
  • on March 18, 2012
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Jefferson utilizes a serious tone to unify the country despite differences in political parties.

-Pathos: “Called upon to undertake the duties…the task is above my talents... my powers so justly inspire.”He begins his speech by stating that he is grateful for being chosen to be part of the office and he displays his humble demeanor by saying that the task of being president is above his talents and abilities but that he will provide the nation with his best regardless. This assures the reader of the type of man (which just so happens to be a good, morally-correct man) that they have chosen to be president. He displays himself as modest and humble, therefore causing admiration and reassurance in the readers/listeners.
- Ethos:   “should I despair did not the presence… provided by our Constitution I shall find…to rely under all difficulties.” He refers back to the main document of the nation and states that that document will provide and does provide everything needed in order to steer the nation to success. He also states how he trusts this document and everyone who wrote it and with this, he shows the public how since he and other great men made this document, there is a sense of trust to be put towards him. After all, the Constitution establishes the nation’s freedom that was very sought after years before.   This document also unites the nation, and doesn’t pay attention to mundane matters like political parties which was a conflict that was prevalent during that time.
• Diction:
- Unifying Diction: “we, us, all, nation, together, unite, brothers, man, public, fellow…” With the use of this diction, he brings together both political parties and does not label either one as a “federalist” or a “republican”. This mitigates the uneasy air that’s brewing in the nation after such a revolutionary election.
- Dutiful Diction: “safety, power, government, principle, right, law, country….” With this serious and dutiful diction, Jefferson displays himself as a...

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