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Analysis of Financial Statement

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Journey towards enduring sustainability

Analysis of Financial Statement

Group Presentation Group-2
Mentor Dr. Paritosh Basu paritosh.basu@nmims.edu

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Consolidated Balance Sheet Analysis of Balance Sheet Long Term Strength & Stability Short Term Strength & Stability Consolidated Profit & Loss Account Analysis of P&L Account Working Capital Management Efficiency Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Analyses of Cash Flow Statement Emphasis of Matter in Auditor’s Report


Analysis of Balance Sheet
Reserves & Surplus



This has gone down 22% because Dividend is paid @ Rs 8/per share and they have also repaid a substantial chunk of borrowings. They have also made a provision for impairment of around 8841 crores. This has gone up by 5.8% mainly because of increase in long term borrowings and provisions for the same. There is no substantial change in CL There is a 2.9% increase in NCA. There is 11.4% increase in FA mainly because Company has invested in 3 brown field projects and 1 green field project to the tune of 18988 Cr. There is a 4.5% decrease in CA because of decrease in Trade Receivables and Inventory

Non Current Liabilities Current Liabilities Non Current Assets Fixed Assets Current Assets

56,489.56 1,46,906.42 92,662.27 69,213.24

53,347.00 1,46,852.09 90,043.76 62,128.29



Long Term Strength & Stability
Ratio Debt -Equity Formula Long Term debt/Networth Long Term DebtCash & Eq/Networth Total Debt/Total Asset...

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