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Analysis Of An Image Essay

  • Submitted by: sbk1992
  • on March 18, 2012
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A Famous Kiss

The date is August 14, 1945.   It wasn't just a typical day in Times Square for LIFE Magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, or at least it didn't turn out as such.   Whether Alfred was planning on photographing a masterpiece in the “Big Apple” or just merely observing the mass celebration over the war, his reliable camera stood by his side.   Before that fateful moment, Alfred was probably collecting various snapshots and conversing with the homesick war heroes.   Then, all at once, he saw it.   A blissful sailor overcome with relief and pure joy snatched up a pretty nurse and planted a big one right on her lips.   He knew nothing more than to put his talents to use and press a button, to take a photograph,   to record that memory in time.   Little did he know a spontaneous photograph he captured would become an iconic symbol for V-J Day, or Victory over Japan Day, in America.   It marked the day the second “Great War” ended (“V-J DAY”).   Alfred Eisenstaedt , his camera, his subjects, Times Square, and the conclusive victory over WWII somehow met through twisted fate to create one of the most widely recognized photographs in American history, the “V-J Day in Times Square” photo. Who would've thought a simple photograph of a kiss could usher in the beginning of the post-war era in which America was exploding with new found spirit and prosperity?
On the odd occurrence that someone would just now be seeing this famous photograph for the first time, the main focal point is obviously shown to the naked eye.   The passionate kiss between the nurse and the jubilant sailor grabs all the credit for making this photograph “iconic.”   Some may ask, “Why are these individuals so famous for a mere kiss?”   When simply glancing at the photo, one notices the kiss as the main center, but what one soon realizes are the circumstances surrounding that kiss.   Ironically, the people involved in the kiss were complete strangers and not famous in any way.   A viewer who looks...

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