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An Expositorty on Gpa Essay

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  • on June 21, 2014
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Dear Mrs. Jackson,
In my high school career thus far, I have noticed a disturbing trend in our schools that I feel is a severe step backwards and will hinder a student’s growth. In this essay, I explain why vocational courses such as business education courses for example should become 6.0 GPA credits and what it will mean for the students and the district. The biggest and most important quality that a district, such as our fine district of Fort Bend, should possess is the ability to offer our students the immeasurably important vocational skills that the students will need in the workplace.   This requirement can be fulfilled by making vocational courses six point GPA courses which adds incentive to take them.
It is these vocational skills, coupled with our core courses, which will ultimately bring up the socio-economic status of our children and students. In the end, isn’t that the ultimate goal of our education system and our district, to bring up our children through learning? As Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” What we are trying to do is bring the “education” to the student so that they can make better and more informed career decisions.
I’m pretty sure that you are wondering to yourself, “Why don’t the students take the courses now, they’re perfectly fine.” You would be correct in saying that but the big reason people don’t take these classes is that in the race for ranking, people forgo these classes because they are harmful to their rank. This ultimately causes the student to lose out on that figuring out of what they like and developing vocational skills for an undeveloped passion. Now imagine a scenario where your child has gained admittance into the college of their dreams and they’re pursuing a degree in what they found out they liked in high school (thanks to them taking those classes). Think of how much ahead they would be in their class. They...

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