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American Revolution Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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While no one event can be pointed to as the actual cause of the revolution, the war began as a disagreement over the way in which Great Britain treated the colonies versus the way the colonies felt they should be treated. Americans felt they deserved all the rights of Englishmen. The British, on the other hand, felt that the colonies were created to be used in the way that best suited the crown and parliament. The American Revolution is also known as the American revolutionary war and the us war of independence.

Major Events That Led up to the American Revolution

1754-1763 - French and Indian War

This war between Britain and France ended with the victorious British deeply in debt and demanding more revenue from the colonies. This is where Britain started thinking about taxation or at least making it know…unbeknownst they had been taxing the colonies secretly for years.

1764 - Sugar Act
The sugar act 3 cent raise on foreign sugar, coffee, molasses and wine w/o consent 1st instance were colonist wanted a say in taxation

1765 - Stamp Act

Every newspaper, pamphlet, and other public and legal document had to have a Stamp, or British seal, on it. The colonists didn't think they should have to pay for something they had been doing for free for many years.

The British government repealed the Stamp Act in March 1766 but on the same day parliament passes declaratory act to make laws binding on colonies.

Colonists tried to fight back by imposing non-importation agreements. The Sons of Liberty often took the law into their own hands enforcing these 'agreements' by methods such as tar and feathering.

1770 - Boston Massacre
Took place when British army troops where sent to Boston to enforce town shed acts. 5 civilians where killed over Britain’s cruel control

Townshed act these laws placed new taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. Colonial reaction to these taxes was the same as to the Sugar Act and Stamp Act, and Britain eventually...

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