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America Unchanged Essay

  • Submitted by: deve516
  • on June 23, 2014
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U.S.A. Unchanged
POS 2041
Devin Reeves
University of Central Florida

Americas’ Constitution is bizarrely difficult to change.   According to Article five of the U.S Constitution, the United States Constitution can be changed in two ways.   Firstly, a change occurs by the House of Representatives voting 2-3rds and our Senate matching via an endorsement of 3-4ths of the different national assemblies.   This first strategy for alteration is the one and only, in which we use today.   Secondly, Americas Constitution may be changed via a Convention by 2-3rds of the national lawmaking bodies, when the Convention's suggested changes have been approved by 3-4ths of the national assemblies.
Amendments are hindered by13 states support from any of their 2 houses. Just 27 amendments were approved since Americas Constitution became active, and 10 of those amendments became what we U.S citizens consider the Bill of Rights. In changing the Constitution, considerably escalates the significance of the Supreme Courts’ choices in understanding the Constitution, on the grounds that reversal of the Supreme Court's choice is doubtful, aside from in situations when peoples’ disagreement is extreme and near unanimous.   Even disliked Supreme Court choices, for example, the Supreme Court's prevention of burning a flag are liable to stand unless the Court itself deviates from its original choice.
As to the occurrence of burning a flag, we see the troubles in passing such an amendment. There is a passionate and recorded tie between the American individuals and their Flag, and when you include the rights in which every U.S native has, this thought of passing a revision for a particular case, in this instance “burning a flag,” can become troublesome. Our country's founding fathers announced their sovereignty on the 4th of July seventeen-seventy-six, breaking from the oppression in a country that deprived them of the public freedoms...

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