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America the Dumb Essay

  • Submitted by: Southernk1
  • on March 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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America the Dumb and Lazy

Welcome to the great America the dumb and lazy. Are Americans really advancing and getting smarter as technology advances? The answer is no, Americans are becoming quite dumb and lazy as everything becomes more convenient with the advancement of technology. First, the new generation of Americans sits around way to much due to the increasing amounts technology. Second, Americans are losing communication skills to the convenience of the electronics available today. Third, the dumbing of America can be attributed to distractions in the classroom from mobile electronics. Upon examining these three facts one can clearly see, Americans are becoming dumber and lazier as simple life tasks become mobile and convenient with the advancement in technology.

The first way Americans are becoming dumb and lazy is, with the incorporation of a multitude of electronics in the home.   Homes today in 2012 are host to a barrage of electronics to make life more comfortable and easy.   Examples of these electronics are televisions, computers, cellphones and video game systems.   The television is one of the biggest distractions in the home.   Today ninety-nine percent of households have at least one television, and sixty-eight percent have televisions in their kid’s rooms.   Next on the list is the home computer, just in the United States alone, eighty-six percent of households have at least one personal computer, and thirty-one percent of households have a computer in the bedroom.   Then comes video game systems; eighty-three percent of households have some kind of gaming system in them and forty-nine percent have game system consoles in the bedrooms.   Parents often wonder why children today do not want to go outside.   The answer is quite obvious; they have way too many things to keep them busy inside the house.   Obesity is on the rise among school aged children due to the technology that is available inside the home.   Children today are no longer...

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