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Allstate Business Plan

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Andrew Meinsen
Professor Davis

Allstate Analysis

When conducting the quantitative analysis regarding Allstate’s analytics, I was able to come across many examples that showed the company’s presence in the world of social media.   SocialMention displays advertisements, tweets, and almost all social media posts that pertain to Allstate Insurance.   While looking through many of Allstate’s national advertisements and commercials I noticed the common theme of parody and human through the use of “Mayhem,” a character used to convey the importance of having car insurance.   Just in the last week, Allstate has been mentioned in seven positive social media posts and nine neutral posts.   SocialMention also displays a passion percentage associated with Allstate posts, reporting 75% of Allstate mentions are users who are passionate about Allstate policies.   One weak aspect of the social mentioning was the strength factor, which was recorded at 4%.   Thus meaning that there is about a 4% chance that Allstate is being discussed among social media forums.   In order to properly assess these statistics I had to conduct an analysis of insurance competitors.
State Farm, a well-known competitor in the insurance industry, yielded much more satisfactory numbers than Allstate Insurance.   They recorded almost 70 mentions of sentimental posts, with almost 60 being either positive or neutrally posted about the company.   In addition, their strength percentage is listed at 19%, meaning that State Farm is almost five times as likely to appear throughout social media forums than Allstate Insurance.   However, Allstate has an advantage in the passion department, with State Farm only showing a 15% passion rate.
Another competitor, Geico Insurance, had a very balanced quantitative analysis as reported by SocialMention.com.   Their passion rate was recorded at a staggering 55% over the last week, which is higher than both Allstate and State Farm combined.   In addition, Geico yielded...

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