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Albinism Essay

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Below is an essay on "Albinism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


-  Decreased sharpness in vision

-  Functional blindness

-  Involuntary, irregular and rapid movement of the eye

-  Lazy eye

- Sensitivity to bright lights or glare

-  Wandering eyes

 - Distortion of a viewed image

Symptoms Affecting The Skin:

-  Patchy or total absence of the melanin pigment leaving the areas pale

Symptoms of The Hair:

-  Forelock (portion of the hair near the forehead) turns white

 - Complete absence of pigment in the hair resulting in white hair

Other Symptoms include:

-  Problem with bowels

-  Breathing problems due to lung fibrosis

-  Deafness

-  Nervous system disorders

There is no cure for Albinism because it’s a hereditary disorder, but there are treatments that they can follow to help them out:
It is important that people with Albinism, use sunscreen when exposed to sunlight to prevent premature skin aging or skin cancer. Special UV-proof clothing and swimsuits are available.

Young children may need glasses. Older children can sometimes benefit from bifocal glasses.

 For Albinos who have eyes sensitive to light doctors recommend dark glasses that shield the eyes from bright light.


Albinism is inherited. People are born with albinism because they inherit an albinism gene or genes from their parents. It is a recessive trait.

In the most common forms of oculocutaneous albinism, both parents must carry the albinism gene for a child to be born with the condition. Even if both parents carry the gene, the chance of each of their children being born with albinism is one in four.

If just one parent has the gene and the other parent has a normal pigment gene, their children won't have oculocutaneous albinism. But each child will have a one in two chance of being a "carrier" of an albinism gene. If a child who carries the gene grows up to have a baby with someone who also does, there's a one in four chance that their baby may have...

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