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Air Passenger Airport Essay

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Requirements for a modern air passenger airport

With every year there are getting more and users of the air transport, and in my opinion there will be only more of them with every next year. Nowadays people even prefer more by plane than by car or train if the distance if bigger than 500 km.
But not so many people know how to organize trip themselves. At list I didn’t know how everything works before I moved to Finland (1,5 year ago) my father was always busy with ordering tickets and other pre-flight preparations, of course when I was for the first time in front of problems with flight I would really wish to have this course already. So with help of information I got from this course and my own experience I may consider several things about flying.
First of all, every person should know how to order their ticket. With the internet it is really easy to do, and as much as you search for tickets as more better offers you may get because the more competitors are – more offers we are able to find.
After ordering and buying a ticket, I recommend to check company’s policy about carrying hand luggage, max weight of your belongings, how many minutes passengers should be in the airport before the flight.
Then try not fail on the security check when you are in the airport already. And the main thing is not to forget about time when you should be on the gates, while you are walking through duty free shops and other stores.
After these things are getting easy, just find your sitting place and get the safety instructions in case of emergency situation it might save your life.
I think this is all, what modern passenger should know about travelling by air. On any step of the trip in case of any difficulties u may ask for help from the company workers via e-mail or personally, if you are already in the airport.
However, about airport in general, in my opinion, basic requirement should stay as it was mentioned in my “guide” above, so every single passenger will not mix up...

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