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Air Force One Movie Review

  • Submitted by: xiaoomei
  • on September 4, 2013
  • Category: English
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The movie air force one revolves around a country president who would put his life on the line for the sake of his family and the people working for him.   I am not actually a fan of an action packed thriller movie but this one really caught my interest. The plot was somehow suspenseful and some scenes were truly tense which made it breathtaking and more exciting to watch.
Harrison Ford as the USA president was really convincing, believable and very realistic. His average joe personality made him a very credible president. It made me think if there was a president of any country that acts like him nowadays. On the other hand, the hijacking scene seems impossible to do. Although the security was really tight when it comes to protect the leader of the country, a bunch of terrorists were able to get on the president’s plane but the film manage to do it more realistically and shockingly than I expected. Aside from the heroic deed of the president, I appreciate the Russian terrorist’s intentions of making an extreme commotion just to get their leader free from the prison. They would do anything to save their leader even if it meant war. I was also surprised with the scene where the president was rushed down to the escape pod but as a wise leader, he managed to escape from the escape pod and stayed on the plane to knock off all the terrorists and save everyone on the plane as much as he can.
Though some of the scenes were very cliché, it still didn’t make the story that boring. The scenes from the white house also impressed me, the vice president and the other government officials have decided to release the probably most dangerous man of Kazakhstan just to save their precious president’s life from the hands of the Russian terrorists. But unfortunately, seconds of being free, the clever president never allowed it until the end.
Aside from the plot of the movie, I was also amazed at the interior of Air Force One, the private presidential plane. You...

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