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Aff Case Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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Aff Case
Value- The value for today’s case is Socratic Method. The definition for today’s value is the “intellectually disciplined process of actuality and skillful conceptualizing , applying, analyzing, synthesizing, or evaluating information gathered from or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guild to belief and action”. This definition comes from the Natural Counsel for excellence in critical thinking. What this means is that an individual must be well informed enough to make a decision that is well thought out.
Criterion for today’s round is Equal Representation
Equal is defined as Equal is defined as a person or thing considered to be the same in status or quality. “Webster’s Dictionary”
Representation is defined as the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone or the state of being so represented. “Webster’s Dictionary”
In America, the corporations can silence the voice of many thanks to their large sums of money that they are able to buy ads, posters, and endorsements for any candent.

C1 Why Neg undermines democracy
When people are allowed to pump thousands of dollars to a candidate’s campaign, it allows a candidate that is well funded to stand above a candidate that is less funded. When one of these candidates is hidden from the voters then voters will make a decision based on biased information. When a large gives thousands of dollars to a candidate and an individual gives a hundred dollars to a candidate to another it is unfair and takes away from an individual’s rights. When a person sees only one candidate’s advertisements, the voter might come to the conclusion that that candidate is better than his opponent. The individual cannot make a decision on the own.

C2 Value and Criterion long term relationship.
The criterion of Equal Representation best achieves the value of Socratic /Method. Equal Representation like I stated in the definition is where everyone person gets a voice in...

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