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Adminstrator Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 31, 2013
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The scene I chose from Movieclips.com is from the horror movie, Jeepers Creepers.     The synopsis of the clip is about two college students that are brother and sister who are returning home for spring break.   Instead of taking the freeway they decide to take the scenic route through central Florida.   The scene opens with them riding in Tricia’s car, an old Chevy, down a two lane almost deserted highway except for a motor home driving a distance behind them who eventually turns off.   Out of nowhere, a large old rusty van races up behind their car and tries to run them off the road by bumping them from behind.   After a few terrifying minutes, they wave the van on and avoiding crashing the car, the Van passes them displaying a license plate that says, “BEATNGU”.   The shaken up brother and sister wonder what the driver’s problem was.
The artists that were involved in the production are: the Director, Victor Slava, the Production Designer, Steven Legler and the Art Director, Kevin Egeland.     The Director’s role is not only to interpret the script into his own vision but to work closely with the Production Designer to decide on the overall look.     The Production Designer works closely with the Director to select the type of the setting and style that will visually tell the story. The Art Director is in charge of taking the selected setting and style and creating the overall visual appearance and how it will communicate visually.   However, the challenge the Art Director has to face is to translate desired moods, concepts and ideas into imagery and imagine what the finish product might look like.
The lighting that appears to be used is the three-point lighting although the lighting does change throughout the scene.   The key light created a shadow across the faces of the actors however the fill light being shot from another angle fills in the shadows not to make it seem harsh giving off a partly cloudy day.     During the scene when the truck was racing up behind...

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