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Addiction Essay

  • Submitted by: Rahafghassan1
  • on June 21, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Is It Really His Fault?
Rahaf Ghassan
American University of Sharjah, DWS
WRI 101
Section 41
Dr. A Shine

Is It Really His Fault?

“Come on! Just one try! It wouldn’t kill you!” It all just started with this damned sentence.   I was at my friend’s house, spending our time playing video games and watching movies. Suddenly, he went to his room and brought drugs along with him. To my so-called ‘friend’ it seemed so normal, like it was a chocolate bar from the kitchen. He introduced me to so many things that night. He told me about the times that he has done it, to the reasons he had done it and, most importantly, to the fact that he has become an addict. This left me speechless. I never expected that he was obsessed with drugs. I mean I was sure that he could have tried it somewhere with his friends but an addict?!

Societies go to great extents in blaming their addicts for their unwisely chosen paths. It is always the addict’s fault and no one else’s.   However, the surrounding environment, inherited genes and numerous other factors could give rise to addiction. Sometimes the societies themselves aid their populations into going down the drug-addiction road. “To buy heroin in Kabul is “as easy as buying yourself something to eat”, addicts say. One gram costs about $6, and it’s available in every corner of the city”   (Qadiry, 2013). The surplus of drugs in the country has made it so much easier to find drugs everywhere and at a cheap price.

I’m absolutely convinced that it is not always the addict’s fault that he turned into one. Our society is still stuck in the idea of judging a person without finding out about anything. According to them, they just look at the outside of the box and not what is filling it. They are not interested on why someone is an addict, but instead to the fact that he is one. Most addicts decide to follow such paths for a million reasons. They take this route because of the same society against addiction.   Drug obsession may...

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