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Ad Analysis

  • Submitted by: yeseniadelamar
  • on March 24, 2014
  • Category: English
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Yesenia Aceves
English 50
March 18, 2014
                                                  You are what you eat                              
                The ads I chose were taken from ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘OK’ magazines. The main audience these ads were meant to reach is young adult to middle aged women. When thinking about the women who typically would purchase such magazines I envision young adult women attending college and seeking a relationship, or married women with perhaps children, who are concerned about staying young and attractive for their partners or even for themselves.
                The reason these ads are fairly effective if because they attack women’s confidence by displaying beautiful, thin, and young women. The women in the ads in a sense are supposed to set a landmark—that’s how attractive women are supposed to look. The ad sets a standard or expectation that the readers at that point can hold them to. Unless the reader/audience looks like one of the women in the ad they have fallen short, and thus need to purchase the product to correct the problem.
                The imagery in both ads evokes thoughts of happy feelings or memories. In the first ad ("Cosmopolitan" 73), a young woman stands on the beach. She looks young, healthy, and happy as if she were on a vacation. The second ad ("OK Magazine" 45), displays two celebrities wearing Christmas clothing. That evokes not only the thought of a joyful season of giving, but also of a season of goal setting and changes. People watch their goals such as losing weight. The pictures on the ads promote youth, sex appeal, and beauty. The ads went with alluring colors of clothing—one is a
                                                                                                                                            Aceves 2 pink bathing suit, which is feminine, young, fun, happy color. The other ad chooses red sexy Santa outfits. I believe the red alludes to wild,...

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