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Acting Ethically In Business Essay

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Acting Ethically in Business
Foolish decisions in regards to a person’s personal life and work life can be made on a daily basis. Bad decisions are not always intentional. These decisions are made because an individual does not have the right information to make an appropriate decision. It is important to take the time to review what is going on before an actual decision is made. Any person in business must act ethically. It is essential for that person and the company that they represent. The following paragraphs will go over common characteristics of poor decision making, how to resist acting unethically, and ways to lead ethically.
The three elements of poor decision making are failing to remember goals, overconfidence, and the complexity of the issues. A goal is an objective that is looking to be achieved. Goals can be for individuals or even for the whole company. When a company does not keep their goal in mind, it is hard for them to progress. They are unable to make decisions to help progress themselves to that end goal. This can slow down the process and prevent the company from reaching their goal entirely. My company is all about letting their employees know the goal for the company and how the company will get there. It makes it easier to get people on board when they know what they’re working for. Overconfidence is a hindrance and can be seen in large and small companies. Companies will try to hide mistakes that they think that they can cover up and eventually fix. Some companies have been doing bad things for so long and have not been caught, that they feel like they can continue to do the same bad things without getting caught. In recent years there have been plenty of banks that have been overconfident and needed to be bailed out. Overconfidence is something that will eventually catch up to companies. The third element is the complexity of the issues. An issue may seem really simple from the outside. Since it seems so simple a company may not...

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