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Acquired Brain Injury Essay

  • Submitted by: jamiekean
  • on March 27, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Acquired Brain Injury" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Acquired Brain Injury


An ‘Acquired Brain Injury’ is any sudden damage to the brain received during a person’s lifetime and not as a result of birth trauma.

Possible causes can include a fall, stroke, brain tumour, haemorrhage, viral infection or a lack of oxygen to the brain.


Dysphasia is a language disorder characterized by a difficulty of speaking and/or a difficulty comprehending spoken speech and can be receptive or expressive.  

Individuals with dysphasia may not be able to speak in coherent sentences and may struggle for the right words to use.


Dysarthria is a disorder of speech which involves the physical ability to form words. A person with Dysarthria is unable to control the muscles used in speech.


- Dysphasia can be extremely frustrating, as the ability to communicate is limited by the patient's language difficulties. This condition can also be frustrating for carers and family members, especially if the patient has trouble understanding and following directions.

- Dysarthria can affect a person's ability to engage in everyday activities and work. They may also drool and have swallowing problems.


If you care for a person with dysarthria, there are many things you can do which would help support the individual including:
• Reducing distractions and background noise when you have a conversation.
• Watch the person as they talk and make eye contact.
• After speaking, allow them plenty of time to respond. If they feel rushed or pressured to speak, they may become anxious, which can affect their ability to communicate.
• Avoid finishing their sentences or correcting any errors in their language as this may cause resentment and frustration.
• If you do not understand what they are trying to communicate, do not pretend you understand. They may find this patronising and upsetting.

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