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Account Types Essay

  • Submitted by: marialef
  • on June 21, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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A successful account saved me from losing my boyfriend
We all behave according to a set of rules and norms that we learn from our parents and from society. Sometimes it is hard to maintain what is known as a proper behavior because we break the rules and norms that tell us what is right and what is wrong in society’s eyes. When a person’s performance fails to match the intended or expected self-presentation goals, he or she may feel guilty, embarrassed, ashamed, awkward, or defensive. We as human beings always want to correct or explain our behaviors, in other words we are “accounting” for our behaviors. According to Scott and Lyman in 1968 defined an account as a linguistic device used whenever an action is subjected to evaluative inquiry. I will describe an account as the explanation, the story, or the rationale about why you behaved the way you did. We use accounts in a daily basis, because even on the minimal things we do, we want to explain the reason behind it. There are different ways to account a behavior, but it is easy to explain if we categorize them into four types: apologies, excuses, justifications, and refusals. Apologies is when an individual accepts responsibility for his or her behavior while asking to be pardoned. Apologies are usually expected in predicaments that harm other people, and if an apology is not offered when is expected, then this can cause that the situation aggravates and further destroy a person’s public image. A full apology should include 5 elements: an expression of guilt, recognition of the wrong behavior or inappropriate conduct, rejection of the inappropriate conduct, acknowledgment of the correct conduct and a promise not to do it again, and last one an offer to compensate the victim or victims. Excuses are statements used to deny or reduce one’s perceived level of responsibility for questionable behavior. In other words that person who misbehaved admits the act but doesn’t take fully responsibility. Justifications is when...

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