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About Anorexic People Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Below is an essay on "About Anorexic People" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Rebecca is not a strong person because she is physically really weak due to her sick body and illness. There were many times when Rebecca allowed herself to be weak as a result of the illness such as, when she fainted she was very vulnerable of what was going to happen next. She also had a light feeling with herself as she was about to faint which she really loved to feel. Rebecca uses laxatives which makes her really weak physically.

Rebecca is a strong person because she can control her mind and thoughts. If thoughts of food was creeping in her mind she had a special trick, she would imagine her mind is a white saucer and any thought she didn’t want would be a black beetle, trying to get on the white saucer. That imagination makes her put away thoughts of food that is creeping in her mind. Controlling her eating habits was something that Rebecca needed to do as a result of the anorexia nervosa

Rebecca is a strong person because by the end of the novel she realises that she was doing the wrong thing. The relationship with her family develops as the story progresses because she notices she has hurt her family and decides she does not want to hurt them anymore. Rebecca was also able to control herself from anorexia nervosa and was determined to stick to her decisions. She also realised her family really loves her and paid attention to her.

Rebecca is not a strong person because the mental illness had taken over her life. Mental illness was part of Rebecca’s life. Controlling her number days and colour days was one of the things she did to make her more obsessed with anorexia nervosa. When she had a white day she didn’t have white pants so she had to wear her white shorts in a really cold day. she also had to put on her right sock on before her left sock, had to put on her left shoe and do up the laces before she even touched her right shoe.

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